Delivery Service

From boxed to switching on, in under 5 minutes.

We pride ourselves in this unique delivery service, where an iWOW® can be unboxed and commissioned in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Our iWOW®'s come pre-built, pre-cabled and with all IT accessories pre-installed where applicable. There's no need for the hospital's in-house IT or engineers to setup any equipment before installing their software and licences.

Futhermore, we use around 75% less packaging than other manufacturers and take all of what is used, away with us upon completion of the 'easy roll-out'.

Protected ✔

All iWOW®'s are delivered by our own transport and decanted by our own staff. This ensures a seamless process between our factory and the customer which leads to less damage and/or delays.

Pre-built ✔

iWOW®'s arrive fully built and with only minor elements of protective packaging in place for transit.

Pre-cabled ✔

All neccessary cabling is installed at the factory leaving no room for error on-site.
It may seem like a trivial element, but anecdotally, this really does save time and costly errors compared with it being done on-site when often being rushed.

IT Pre-installed ✔

All accessory equipment can be pre-installed ready to go ensuring commissioning the iWOW® is a very quick process.

Less packaging, more recycling ✔

We strive to be greener and forward-thinking regarding our packaging, which is why we use much less than other manufacturers with similar products.
We also take away and re-use, where possible, the protective transit packaging.

Dedicated transport ✔

The customer can always be safe in the knowledge that their new equipment will arrive undamaged.