Who We Are

Freeway Med-Tech is a pioneering new family owned company, bringing together 30+ years of experience from Freeway Medical in manufacturing clinical healthcare furniture for the NHS to combine this experience to create all new healthcare IT carts.

We have evaluated the designs of all existing mobile clinical IT and analysed the needs of consumers with a fresh eye so all products have been designed from the ground up. We do not wish to resell other companies' technology as we prefer to own all designs for the Medical Displays, Medical AIO’s, Medical Tablets and batteries. This enables us to control the safety, availability and lifecycle of our clinical-IT product range and above all, we can offer this at a low cost.

Medical IT equipment

Freeway Med-Tech has invested heavily, since 2019, in electronic manufacturing facilities, opening an office and factory in Taiwan to design and assemble our proprietary healthcare technology. We have a fantastic range of technology and batteries that are British designed and assembled in our factory in Taiwan. Our products are stocked in our 70,000 Square foot facility in Thatcham, Berkshire.

Every component has been designed and manufactured with the needs of the NHS in mind. All Displays and AIO’s (All-In-One) are fully tested to the latest UL60601 Standards. Local support is provided by our national network of Freeway Medical site engineers and all products are available via NHS Supply chain for easy purchase.

As part of the Chromis Group, founded in 1989, Freeway Med-Tech has access to the collective resources, industry knowledge and supply chain, of the larger group. Freeway Med-Tech’s focus has been to provide innovative healthcare technology solutions at affordable prices. This allows greater accessibility for NHS trusts to have mobile electronic systems that are proven to reduce errors, improve clinical staff efficiency and by extension, improve patient outcomes.

Freeway Med-Tech is unique in our proposition as one of the only companies to manufacture both the medical carts and the technology. Therefore, we can provide exceptional supply chain routes and drastically lower prices for our customers as we supply direct from component to end user, with no middle parties extracting margin.

our vision

Our Vision

To be the UK’s leading healthcare IT provider, improving how people access, deploy and work with clinical workstations

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Our Purpose

Using cutting-edge innovative technology and our experience of furniture design to help make end user products that help clinicians thrive.

Our Promise - handshake

Our Promise To You

To be customer-led, putting innovation and development around the needs of the customer above our bottom line.

Quality IT Monitor for Medical Purposes


Our products are born from years of clinical design experience and end user feedback and are all manufactured to “Professional Grade Quality”

Tried, tested, Inspected and fully Certified

Freeway Med-Tech takes customer safety seriously, ensuring that all our healthcare technology products have the highest safety certification.

Our facilities and products have company-wide ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating our commitment to safety and quality procedures in our UK and Taiwan facilities.

Our iWOW™ and MT700-24T / MT600-24T touch screen Medical grade displays, our MT500 -24T / MT600-24T touch screen Medical grade AIO PC’s and our MT300-13T Medical grade tablet are fully certified to UL/EN/IEC 60601-1 standards, which regulate medical electrical equipment. This is incredibly important when assessing suitability for IT and support equipment for near-patient use, especially when in 24 hour clinical environments. This stringent certification means the Medical Healthcare power systems are certified by an Internationally Recognised Testing Laboratory (UL). This ensures our products adhere to an agreed international standard, reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference with other life-critical equipment operating in the patients' area. This also reduces radio frequency emissions and controls leakage current from the unit when connected to the same power circuits as other equipment like life support/ventilators. Importantly the Freeway Med-tech systems are also able to accept this same interference, without affecting their performance and function.

Medical Monitor Options

Quality battery powered medical IT Monitor
Freeway Med-Tech Battery Powered Medical Monitor

This model is powered by up to 3 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs which not only powers itself, but can also power a separate micro form PC and USB accessories. It also features the latest capacitive-type, 10 point multi-touch screen technology. Plus all the standard medical-grade features like high rated dust and moisture ingress protection.

Quality mains powered medical IT Monitor
Freeway Med-Tech Mains Powered Medical Monitor

For use where an iWOW has a permanent mains electricity supply close by and is to be used in conjuction with a standalone PC (separately powered). It has the same medical grade features as the MT700 model as well as the same capacitive-type touch screen panel.

All of our AIO/monitors are quality assured -

IEC / EN 60601-1 4th edition /
CE / WEEE / RoHS Compliant*
For assured safety and quality in the
medical environment.

Medical AIO Options

All in one (AIO) battery powered monitor
Freeway Med-Tech all-in-one Battery Powered Medical PC

With the PC built into the screen, this model does not need to have a standalone computer in the pod or even a mains power supply. Instead, it utilises Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs to operate whilst completely mobile. It features the latest capacitive-type, 10 point multi-touch screen technology, plus all the standard medical-grade features like high rated dust and moisture ingress protection as standard.

All in one (AIO) mains powered monitor
Freeway Med-Tech all-in-one Mains Powered Medical PC

For use where an iWOW has a permanent mains electricity supply close by and can remain plugged-in whilst in use. With the PC built into the screen, there’s no need to have a standalone computer. It has the same medical grade features as the MT500 model as well as the same capacitive-type touch screen panel.

UL Listed

UL-60601 CERTIFIED - All Freeway Med-Tech AIO and monitors are UL-60601 Certified. This means they are safe for near-patient use and will not interfere with
other life critical medical equipment. The monitors do not emit RF (radio frequencies) or EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and are also not affected by them

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Rigorous Product Safety Testing

Safety tested hospital IT Trolley

All of Freeway Med-tech's products undergo extensive testing that exceeds the industry's quality expectations.

Our experience in healthcare furniture, design, development and in-house manufacturing, in the UK, has enabled us to exceed stability testing requirements for our carts. This has also allowed us to develop our own technology products to be lighter, thinner and possess a lower centre of gravity when compared to any other supplier's product offerings.

We strive to deliver safe and durble products that provide our customers with peace of mind. We perform individual functional testing on every product before it leaves our Berkshire Factory. Cycle-testing on a sample basis ensures product quality and reliability. The supply chain for mechanisms like the lifting-posts come from our tried and tested products such as our retinal screening range that remains in-use since 1992 .

Environmentally Responsible

Freeway Med-Tech create products that help our customers and also the world we live in. Freeway Med-Tech follows earth-friendly policies and practices that reduce our environmental footprint, which increases our product lifecycle and reduces waste and unnecessary replacement:

Greener by design #1

Medical IT Trolley - Green Design

With our local supply chain, 99% of components for our iWOW™ carts are now being made in the UK, with supply routes being made in-house where possible. Under expansions in January 2022, Freeway Medical now manufacture our own soft-close drawer runners and mould our own castors, allowing for higher stock, more stringent quality control but above all reducing the carbon foot print of our products as they are not flown in from the other side of the world!

Greener by design #2

edical IT Trolley - Green Design

Our carts are upgradable… all parts are individually available and replaceable, with diagrams provided to our customers for supply of spare parts. From the ground up, our carts are designed to be easily repaired by the end user or their support staff, meaning carts can be repaired and therefore used for longer, reducing the need to buy new.

Greener by design #3

Medical IT Trolley - Green Design

Our new technology promotes upgradability over replacement… Our groundbreaking MT700-24T Medical grade 24 inch powered Displays provide virtually the same UL60601 certification features of a Medical grade all in one PC, retaining the 24/7 hot-swappable battery design, 24 inch IP65 Touch display / user interface. These features are provided by a hospital-standard Dell micro-form-factor PC, powered by a unique 19V Dc power supply from the monitor and sustained by the internal monitor batteries. This means when the performance of the computer is at end of life, the user can simply upgrade the small Dell computer, reusing the large display and power system, drastically reducing the wastage of replacing an entire Medical PC. This not only saves money, but cuts down on a huge volume of rare earth metals. It also means upgrades can be done quicker and easier if a computer fails unexpectedly, as the internal PC can be swapped in seconds with a standard Desktop Dell computer. Therefore, fewer carts need to be purchased due to downtime maintenance, again saving resources.

Environmentally Responsible & Reducing Our Footprint While Growing our brand

Our dedication to quality allows our company to reduce its environmental footprint, even while we grow, by using characteristic innovation and state of the art management practices to find efficiencies wherever possible.

ROHS Compliant Medical IT
RoHS Compliant

Our products are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant. By meeting the RoHS directive, Freeway Med-tech demonstrates a commitment to manufacture and supply products that protect environmental interests. This means all parts of our technology, including the metal, plastic, components and plastic circuit boards are recyclable.

WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive

Freeway Med-Tech is dedicated to meeting the requirements of the European Union's WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive and is engaged in the development of country-specific implementation schemes to comply with the national WEEE laws. The directive aims to reduce the waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment, and improve the environmental performance of everything involved in the life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment.

Recycling and eWaste
Recycling & eWaste

Freeway Med-Tech strives to assist all our customers with recycling your old technology product. Despite the upgradable nature of both the carts and technology, no product lasts forever. So when the product reaches end-of-life, we are here to help. This includes responsibly disposing of lithium-ion batteries. Please note that any obsolete batteries that are returned to freeway Med-Tech must be handled according to local laws and shipping carrier guidance with safety in mind. To begin the process, please contact your freeway Med-Tech representative

Environmentally responsible delivery

Environmentally Responsible Delivery

Environmentally responsible delivery

Our dedication to reducing the waste also follows though to our delivery methods. Both the cart and the technology is assembled together here in the UK. The carts arrive fully assembled and so need far less single use packaging.

This has been key to us from the beginning of our journey and something that we are passionate about. When your equipment arrives it will have only the packaging that is absolutely necessary to protect it, meaning less waste for our planet, less waste for you to dispose of, less time to unpackage it, less time to assemble it (it arrives ready to go by the way!!!) - Of course, this means less cost for our customers too as less staff are needed to deploy the carts - So less coffee cups from the hours of work they would otherwise do taking the carts out of the boxes, building them, adjusting them for the correct weights… then adding the screens and the accessories like mice, keyboards and computers...

With Freeway Med-Tech it is easy… It is all done for you!!! Leaving you to only:-


1 - Insert the batteries

Insert the batteries


2 - Switch on the power

Turn on…


3 - Now Ready to use!

and away you go! ( it saves you AND the planet!!!)

Talk to our team about our easy roll out service as standard!